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Multiculturalism in play?

[ by Charles Cameron — multiculturalism in play — or, what’s the name of the game? ]

It is getting to be quite a theme: When games collide.

SPEC DQ MacIntyre xkcd

I’ve used the MacIntyre quote before [1, 2, 3], but the wonderful xkcd visual presentation is new to me — many thanks to Tanner Greer for turning me onto it.


What’s the name of the game?


2 Responses to “Multiculturalism in play?”

  1. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    This seems to altogether point toward the facts that a) people like using rules to limit surprise, b) these rules create an unrealistic box – a synthetic playing field, and c)real, authentic fields usually supercede these boxes – although, even then, these synthetic boxes ARE a part of the real, authentic fields of play and will have an effect.
    It’s all so very OODA.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    TGreer just pointed me to Gary Anderson’s piece, The Coming Battle for Ramadi; Checkers Versus Chess, in the SWJ:

    Simply stated, the jihadists are playing chess while the loose coalition arrayed against them is playing checkers.
    The army that the Islamic State has created is very adept at maneuver warfare; it focuses its enemies on strategically meaningless objectives while Islamic State forces probe for weaknesses to exploit elsewhere. Once the opponent has massed forces and cannot shift them quickly, the excellent jihadist light infantry will attack the selected targets of opportunity. [ .. ]
    This is where the checkers-chess analogy becomes relevant.
    Neither Tikrit nor Kobane had any intrinsic value to the Caliphate; both were created as strategic objectives in the minds of the Americans and their Iraqi allies. In the Islamic State’s chess game, there are two queens. Raqqa in Syria is their political capital, and Mosul in Iraq is their financial war chest. Anything that the jihadists can do to distract their opponents from capturing those queens is an operational success. Ramadi is the latest in a series of bright shiny objects dangled in front of a kitten..

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