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Early notes on McCants’ The ISIS Apocalypse

[ by Charles Cameron — a couple of grace-notes while I’m working on my review of Will McCants‘ book, The ISIS Apocalypse ]


My first note concerns the elegant way in which McCants‘ view of the changing state of IS eschatology as it has developed in practice conforms to Max Weber‘s theory of the routinization of charisma:

SPEC DQ Weber McCants

Toth, Toward a Theory of the Routinizationnof Charisma
McCants, p 147



There are four sentences that fall in series in Will McCants’s Conclusion — three of a kind followed by one with a different quality to it. Each one ends a section, and the last ends the Conclusion as a whole:

  • This is not Bin Laden’s apocalypse.
  • This is not Bin Laden’s insurgency.
  • This is not Bin Laden’s caliphate.
  • This may not be Bin Laden’s jihad, but it’s a formula future jihadists will find hard to resist.
  • The relevant pages respectively are pp. 147, 151, 153, and 159.

    2 Responses to “Early notes on McCants’ The ISIS Apocalypse”

    1. dave Says:

      completely disagee with mccants that IS are not the true inheritors of bin ladens legacy
      if you look at bin ladens comments about AQI/ISI historically, they are full of praise

      if OBL praises AQI/ISI when under zarqawi and abu omar baghdadi, and IS is the inheritor of zarqawis legacy as these analysts concede, then it follows IS in the inheritor of OBL legacy

      failure of analysts including mccants is rooted in fundamental bias against objectivity

    2. Charles Cameron Says:

      I’m digging around in the letters of ‘Atiyah, bin Laden, Zawahiri and Zarqawi for the raw materials of a response, Dave, but time presses on.. I hope to get back to you in the next day or two.

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