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A Shakespeare Sutra?

[ by Charles Cameron — just curious whether Buddha and Shakespeare are hand in glove ]

Tempest Sutra


Son Emlyn was watching The Tempest today when I tried to Skype him, and on that account I’ve included the whole of Prospero‘s speech, not just the familiar stretch that runs from “Our revels now are ended” to “our little life Is rounded with a sleep”.

I trust he will return from school in a week or three to visit a little while in my call — and that he won’t be too disturbed at my infirmity.


  • William Shakespeare, The Tempest, IV, 1:
  • Paul Reps, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
  • One Response to “A Shakespeare Sutra?”

    1. Steve H. Says:

      O well done!

      You chose a happier speech, no walking shadows here…

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