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Let the man keep his own silence or speak for himself

[ by Charles Cameron — regarding the conflicting reports on Imran Yousuf’s religious affiliation ]




If the Orlando Marine hero Imran Yousuf is a practicing Muslim, that would tend to balance out the Muslim claim of the shooter, Omar Mateen. Yousuf might be Muslim, he might be Hindu, he might be — who knows? He’s certainly a Marine, which (Semper Fi) is a faith or fidelity of its own. In the meantime, let’s let the man keep his own silence, or speak for himself.

3 Responses to “Let the man keep his own silence or speak for himself”

  1. Grurray Says:

    I believe he’s an Indian Muslim, like Fareed Zakaria.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    I suspect you’re right, but — I want e-vi-dence! : )

  3. Charles Cameron Says:

    According to a post in Tribune India titled Indian-origin Marine helped save lives, he’s both:

    Imran Yousuf belongs to both ethnicities, Hindu and Muslim, since his grandfather is a Muslim and his grandmother and mother are Hindus.

    That sounds as though it might be based on actual knowledge, rather than guesswork or copycatting what others have said. Interesting if true, since it utterly avoids answering the question of whether his actions are evidence for the peacefulness of Islam or not..
    Subtlety, nuance, ha!

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