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Mark your calendars, mark my words

[ by Charles Cameron — two more dates certain for The End ]

Tablet DQ 600 dates certain

Maybe we’re living in the End Times — but if so, Time apparently stutters before it stops.


Tip-o-the-hat to Tim Furnish.


  • Fox11, July 29 2016, Time’s up: Prophets of doom say world will end in a few hours
  • Morning Ledger, July 30 2016, End Of The World 2016: Real Dooms Day Is January 2017
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    2 Responses to “Mark your calendars, mark my words”

    1. Cheryl Rofer Says:

      You need to collect all the “We recalculated, and the end of the world isn’t this afternoon, it’s x months in the future” predictions that have been made over time.
      Just kidding – I like your posts and would hate to see you undertake that years-long, full-time effort!

    2. Scott Says:

      Almost makes me miss Hal Lindsey. Er, almost.
      I went through a phase in the late 90s when I was in seminary where I read everything I could get my hands on about the “end times”. Including the 1st (truly awful) book of the Left Behind series. My favorite was one where they cloned Hitler – a bit of a stretch! – and he was the antichrist. Here it is in all it’s pulp glory: http://static.amazon.com/The-Fourth-Reich-Robert-Kampen/product-reviews/044023607X?pageNumber=2

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