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The saints of television

[ by Charles Cameron — on St Clare’s feast, two tales of miraculous television, and the fragmented memory of a third ]

Today, August 11th, is in the Catholic calendar the Feast of St Clare of Assisi, friend of St Francis and patron saint of television:

SPEC DQ miracles of television

In celebrating her day, I cannot but remember the Sufi al-Sha’rani, whose capacity #20 as recorded in Arberry‘s little book has long delighted me.

I believe similar, more detailed stories are told of other Sufi saints, one of whom (if memory serves) saw and greeted from Spain a master in Damascus or Baghdad with whom he would subsequently meet.

I should look into that..

2 Responses to “The saints of television”

  1. Ken Cowan Says:

    I think there are similar tales of the Baal Shem Tov and long-distance viewing. Some Hasid mystics reportedly teleported. Cool double-quote.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    I didn’t find anything on a quick search, Ken, but I did run across this terrific early hipvbone game board — apparenbtly from the Bodleian’s Huntington collection, though I couldn’t find it on their site:

    This makes a fine addition to my series On the felicities of graph-based game-board design.

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