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Retweets as quantifiers of interest, but so what?

[ by Charles Cameron — mostly skeptical of quantification of human affects ]

TwShiloh retweeted these two NJ Homeland Security tweets (DoubleTweet in the Wild!) with a comment:

Two products released at the same time. Note the retweet/like rates. ?That’s what confirmation bias looks like on Twitter.

I’m just now sure what I should deduce from the fact that Anarchy gets so many more RTs than White Supremacy.


Are we more inclined to favor attacks on the left (anarchists) than on the right (supremacists) — does left violence just seem more noteworthy — do more people from one side of the divide follow New Jersey Homeland Security, maybe — or is it all just a little to anecdotal and indeterminate to form any conclusions?

H/t JM Berger.

2 Responses to “Retweets as quantifiers of interest, but so what?”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

  2. Scott Says:

    I think it’s because the majority of the population has more to fear from Antifa than from white supremacists. Both sides are nuts, but nowadays only one is actually committing violence.
    Also, “right-wing trolls” wtf. Way to just dismiss people you don’t agree with. The alt-right position is much more nuanced than some of these academic ivory-tower types would have you believe.
    And on this Fourth of July, I’ll stop here before I get really worked up.

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