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Alita: Battle Angel

[ by Charles Cameron — and don’t miss the latest message from the Archangel Michael at the end of this post ]

Alita‘s embodiment or incarnation:

How Alita is, so very human:

And Alitas‘s backstory — her previous lives:

Coming to the big screen February 14th, Saint Valentine‘s Day.


Or you might prefer Michael Archangel, also a battle-angel, albeit a being of peace and light:

The concept of battle angel seems irresistible — even when this particular sword-waving archangel emphasizes that many in his human audience have been confused “when we have used such terms as warriors of peace or warriors of light, or what might be construed as militant terminology”. Battles can be metaphorical — angels too?

Peace, bro.

One Response to “Alita: Battle Angel”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

    “Alita: Battle Angel,” Reviewed

    The new effects-driven science-fiction thriller “Alita: Battle Angel” stages a behind-the-scenes tussle for the ages: it is a collaboration between Robert Rodriguez, a filmmaker known for such neo-pulp action films as “From Dusk till Dawn” and “Sin City,” and James Cameron, a filmmaker whose technological sophistication is matched by a simplistic emotionalism. Here they are thrown together in a virtual video ring and try to collaborate. And, however sincere and earnest their alliance may be, the movie itself tells a different tale: Cameron’s sensibility wins, hands down. Not only does Rodriguez give up most of the fun, but Cameron also runs away with the substance. And that’s all the more unfortunate, as the two are evenly matched early on in the film and the outcome of their efforts appears, at first, promising. In an interview in the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles, Rodriguez says that he “wanted the movie to be more like a James Cameron film than a Robert Rodriguez film.” He got his wish, alas.

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