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Two flags identified, Russians protest Putin’s involvement in Syria

Monday, October 19th, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — curious to see Solidarnost and Gadsden flags together ]

I’m always interested in the graphics and symbolism of various groups, so when I saw this image headed Scores of Russians protest against Putin’s involvement in Syria on the Turkish Daily Sabah news site a couple of days ago —


my eye was caught by the Gadsden Flag, which I’m familiar with from the Tea Party and indeed ChicagoBoyz


I began checking with my friends to see whether anyone recognized the orange and blue flag, which a couple of friends read as saying Solidarnos.., which in turn led me to this:


with Solidarnost being “a Russian liberal democratic political movement founded on 13 December 2008 by a number of well-known members of the liberal democratic opposition, including Garry Kasparov, Boris Nemtsov and others..”


I am curious — does it make sense for these two flags to fly together? And can anyone source the blue flag with the white “V” insignia? I have the sense I’ve seen it around..

Hat tips: Tom, Mark and Gabor.

BTW, flags

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — along the lines of yoga chitta vritti nirodha ]

Obviously. I am going to be interested in the DoubleQuote in the Wild juxtaposition to two flags in a political cartoon commentary on last week’s events in the US, but I still find it very hard to decide whether the appropriate DoubleQuote to embed it in is this:

SPEC DQ flags 2

where the “ISIS flag” is in fact a satirical play on the IS flag with silhouetted sex-toys in place of the calligraphy…

Or this — well, actually, no contest, this one gets my vote by a zen mile!

SPEC DQ flags 1

Because, well..

SPEC DQ flags 3

I guess that’s my analytic bottom line, right there in Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutras.



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    Sunday, May 31st, 2015

    [ by Charles Cameron — cognitive dissonance at the Draw-a-Prophet demo ]

    Here’s a DoubleQuote in the Wild which takes the form of a single image — I’ve “separated” the two halves to illustrate its nature as a DQ:

    DQ in flags

    As the tweep from whom I took the image (whole, not separated) puts it:

    Some DoubleQuotin’ flag’n’gun totin’ tweetin’ goin’ on

    Friday, May 8th, 2015

    [ by Charles Cameron — NB: not claiming equivalency, simply documenting some provocative “compare and contrast” usage on Twitter ]


    We had a similar “gun, book and flag” DoubleQuote a while back, though I haven’t been able to relocate it, and as I remember noticing then, there’s a sort of parallax effect that can come into play, whereby some people see a close similarity and not much diference while others see a huge difference and little or no similarity.

    Here’s that earlier DoubleQuote:


    If you want more details about the un/fairness of the comparison, NRO had a piece on it titled Holly Fisher: Public Enemy Number 310,345,204

    As someone who is interested in juxtaposition both as a means of making points and of raising questions, I find this parallax effect of great interest. I suspect that a decent, insightful study might reveal a great deal about the mechanisms by which humans fissiparate into antagonistic groups.

    Fissiparate? Okay, maybe not a word yet, but useful all the same.

    The battle flags of religion

    Sunday, March 29th, 2015

    [ by Charles Cameron — vexilla regis prodeunt, comparative version ]

    Two recent examples of religious iconography on the battle field.. from the Badr Brigade, outside Amerli, Iraq:

    badr brigade

    and from Pro-Russia fighters near the eastern Ukrainian city of Starobeshevo:

    Christ flag


    The Vexilla regis is a hymn written by Venantius Fortunatus to welcome the procession bringing a fragment of the True Cross to St Radegunda‘s convent in Poitiers: the first line translates to “The banners of the king go forth”.

    Here it is, illustrated with battle flags flown by Catholic and Royalist troops during the War in the Vendée:



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