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The Games People Play II

Gaming as a cultural paradigm ( Hat tip to Jessica Margolin):


The Games People Play

“You are formally charged with War Game Crimes and with Playing Games against Humanity…”


John has the full presentation, not just the above excerpted clip.


7 Responses to “The Games People Play II”

  1. James Fuller Says:

    This is such a great speech, and at the same time a bit terrifying by the lengths these companies go, to psychologically influence users. Also, when a fake world with fake objects become more valuable to real people than the tangible items of life, that is deeply saddening as well.

  2. Snake Plissken Says:

    Just picked up my fresh new copy of "Kaboom" (embracing the suck in a savage little war) by Matt Gallagher.  Hope to crack it open tonight and finish a few chapters.  Haven’t been this excited about a book since Grad School….hard to believe.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I haven’t been able to post on Abu Muqawama in several weeks, as I’m guessing CNAS is blocking IP’s without Andrew being aware / guessing he’s tech people are clueless or just plain mis-informing him.  Oh well….his loss your gain!  Right Zen? Ummm… (cricket’s chirping)…ok, I’ll take that as a…. yes. 

    Had to laughed when I read this posting today on AM.  http://www.cnas.org/blogs/abumuqawama/2010/04/easter-sunday-islamabad.html#comments  I bet Londonstani  didn’t think it would be the quiet before the storm.  Quite a few people were prepping their kits, loading magazines and cleaning their AK-‘s on Easter before they stormed the Consulate in Peshawar today, not all of them were playing cricket. 

    As for video games, many retired and some active duty personnel are coming into consult and help design video games to make them more realistic.  You would be surprised how many individuals from the Special Forces Community have provided information and guidance to Activision and Infinity Ward on latest hit, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

    Modern Warfare 2 sold approximately 4.7 million units in both the United States and the UK in the first 24 hours of its release. The total revenue from first day sales in the U.S. and the UK was $310 million, making Modern Warfare 2 the biggest entertainment launch in history for Video Games.  After five days of sales, the game had earned revenue figures of $550 million worldwide.   As of March 2010, CODMW2 has over $1.3 billion in sales.  A majority of those buying this game are ages 16 through 21 years old.  Right around the age for recruitment in an organized military… isn’t it?  This game was one of the most expensive recruiting tools for the U.S. Military…ever made to date.  Maybe one of best designed. 

    Any comments or thoughts? 

  3. Snake Plissken Says:

    I used the wrong verbiage.  Sorry.  I wanted to say, most profitable, not expensive. 

  4. zen Says:

    Hi Snake,
    Welcome! Have you tried using a different browser at AM? Some plug in apps have comment fields that exhibit problems with poarticular browsers. Schmedlap has that problem with iE. My site sometimes has a bad reaction to Chrome.
    BTW – due to a persistent Russian spammer a few years back, if you put links in a comment it will automatically be held for moderation. I’d rather not do that, as it annoys my regular commenters but otherwise I would be innundated with spam.
    I am not surprised that the game companies draw upon SF peeps feedback. They are excellent tools for training ppl to shoot and hit difficult targets like a moving head shot with a pistol while emotionally deconditioning them (somewhat). When I was a kid, I was in a very good rifle club, one that produced 4-5 national level match winners, mostly in small bore competitions. I was a pretty good shot, not quite national level, but I’d have been far better if I could have practiced endlessly on a video screen instead of just a couple of times a week at the range. It would have made a significant difference.
    So yes, if we ever have a draft, we’ll have the best infantry riflemen since the Army of Northern Virginia last took the field 🙂

  5. Snake Plissken Says:

    Ah, never made it to Camp Perry Zen?  Me either… keep your chin up there fellow. 

    Best I did was beat the scores on a few West Pointers (as a kid), several SEALS (as an adult) and my entire office at work…. with my 9mm pistol-a, M4, G-240, M203 saw and M2…  Not bad for a Desk Jockey eh?  Wait….desk jockey’s don’t use those….do they?

    After the age of 31, shooting competitively became very boring for me. 

    Have a good week Dude.

  6. Stephen Pampinella Says:

    This presentation really hits home after reading Daemon, which is awesome. I’m thinking about employing the experience points idea in teaching. At the same time I fear it can be a overly powerful tool, as it suggests the only way one can gain experience is through one particular class. But interesting nonetheless.

  7. Snake Plissken Says:

    Zen, tried 3 different browsers.  It’s an IP / DNS issue.  Did a little checking to confirm, but no worries.  Free speech is something I guess CNAS doesn’t care much about or they just enjoy controlling input provided by guests to their blogs.  Whatever the case, I’m not impressed and lost all respect for AM. 

    On a different topic, I found comments by Peter Galbraith in yesterday’s news extremely interesting, Galbraith calling President Karzai’s "highly erratic behavior" linked to drug use. "People in the palace talk regularly about this," Galbraith said in phone interview.  From that statement alone, people will now think that he’s just nuts, abusing prescription drugs or using heroin.  Well Mr. Galbraith, which is it? Does Galbraith have a MD or Ph.D in counseling, psychology or medicine? 

    Is it part of Diplomatic Training / A100 Basic Training, that when someone refuses to cooperate, doesn’t align themselves anymore or want to participate in the goals of a foreign occupation or military force (being your own)- that officials from that government resort to discredit individuals by pulling the "unsound" mental health card? 

    My question is, how long will it be before Galbraith starts comparing President Karzai to Stalin, Hitler or Saddam Hussein???  What’s the White House think about Galbraith’s statement and what are they doing to enforce his observations and secure our goals for "The Surge"?  

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