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WAR by Sebastian Junger

Received a courtesy review copy of WAR yesterday from the publisher, due entirely to the kind offices of Kanani.

Read the first 50 pages this afternoon and found it it interesting because as a book, it exists on the opposite end of the spectrum from Mackinlay and Kilcullen. Where the former are giving a panoramic or telescopic view of COIN as strategic-operational-grand tactics, the author of WAR, journalist Sebastian Junger, is using a microscope to show COIN in the Korengal valley, Afghanistan as seen by an Army platoon, squad and individual soldier. Maybe an electron microscope would be a better analogy. Gritty.

Will write a full review when I am finished. If any active duty or veteran readers were in Korengal or Afghanistan or have read WAR and care to sound off in the comment section, you are cordially encouraged to do so.

Junger is also part of the documentary film project, RESTREPO, which he personally financed.

6 Responses to “WAR”

  1. onparkstreet Says:

    Karaka went to see the author at a book reading, I think. KP blogged it.
    – Madhu

  2. karaka Says:

    I did! And I’ve written a book review about it. Waiting to see if it gets picked up before posting it.

  3. Schmedlap Says:

    If the directors don’t selectively edit in order to shape perceptions or inject too much of their editorializing or personal views into the movie (a la Michael Moore) and just let the footage speak for itself, then this looks like it will be a really good movie.

  4. zen Says:

    Ladies and Gents,
    Kanani and one of Junger’s reps, a Ms. Kim are trying to book a showing of RESTREPO at the Pritzker Military Library or another suitable Chicago venue. If it happens, I will attend and write a review and if not I will solicit a DVD copy and watch that.

  5. Schmedlap Says:

    Thanks for the doing the dirty work for us. I guess somebody has to do it. Give us an address and we’ll pitch in for the popcorn and soda to help alleviate the burden.

  6. onparkstreet Says:

    zen – I hope it happens. I went to see David Finkel at the Pritzker. It was very moving. The comments remind me that I haven’t blogged either that event, or the Gen. Petraeus event at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Hmm….
    – Madhu

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