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And Taking Names!

Ya Mullen Huzzah!  

About  goddamn  time ….

9 Responses to “And Taking Names!”

  1. srv Says:

    Whut?  Ah, didn’t want Gen. Pasha to stand you up this year, so you waited until afterwards to emote.  Just sign the aid check, mumble something about progress, and move along.  You know the drill.

  2. Mercutio Says:

    It has been obvious for about a decade that "the central front on the war on Terror" has actually been Pakistan and the ISI in particular.   At this late date, the actual situation is much like a cancer that has been similarly neglected. 

  3. Pundita Says:

    Pardon me while I faint dead away

  4. onparkstreet Says:

    According to a reuters link at SWC – by "davidfpo" – Pakistan is getting some drones. For help with counterinsurgency operations? Sure. Let’s go with that.
    Michele Fluornoy was on Charlie Rose last night. From her answers, I take it the Obama administration is still going after the old, "we can change strategic priorities via our aid policies, even though it has never worked before."
    – Madhu

  5. J. Scott Says:

    Of course, in the midst of this late indignation, we’ve sold/given the Paki’s 85 intel drones…

  6. zen Says:

    Baby steps. This is the first crack in the party line regarding Pakistan’s perfidy, the Paks have a lot of US officials who are vested in kicking the can down the road

  7. toto Says:

    Over at Pat Lang’s place, F.B. Ali has a very different take on the whole situation:
    As often, the exact same set of facts can give rise to very different narratives.

  8. onparkstreet Says:

    Fair enough, zen 🙂
    And now, a break from all of this. I am "doing the work," as Steven Pressfield advises….
    – Madhu

  9. M1 Says:

    He could have made the same comments (albeit for alternative purposes) any time during the last seven years and they would have been fitting. I guess we all know why he’s dropping (publicly) them now rather than sooner;)

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