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Van Creveld – Keynote Address at Strategy Conference

Martin van Creveld opens the Strategy Conference…..

5 Responses to “Van Creveld – Keynote Address at Strategy Conference”

  1. Joseph Fouche Says:

    MvC’s presentation would improve if, every time he claimed the "remarkable trinity" was the government, army, and people, Mr. T came out, body slammed him, and yelled "FACT CHECK, FOOL!!!"

  2. Steve Metz Says:

    You edited out my "wonderful introduction"!

  3. Steve Metz Says:

    BTW, I thought the Mike Vlahos and Jeremy Black presentations were particularly good.

  4. zen Says:

    Hi JF,
    I think MvC has his story and he is sticking to it.
    Hi Big Steve,
    No editing on my part, I just pasted in the embed code. I have not watched Black as of yet. Vlahos, whose book I want to read, came off as uber-academic theory in his phrasing and as a bit of an oddball. Seems pretty bright though.

  5. T. Greer Says:

    JF, sometimes I get this vibe  that you don’t much like Mr. Creveld.

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