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Freedom(TM) by Suarez

Freedom (TM) by Daniel Suarez

Shlok and John Robb have already endorsed Freedom(TM) by Daniel Suarez, the sequel to his earlier bestselling Daemon and I’d like to briefly join them in praising Freedom(TM) as a must-read work of science fiction. One that meshes well with the societal problems covered on today’s front pages while describing an emergent world of the Darknet being shepherded by the elusive, increasingly powerful, Daemon.

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3 Responses to “Freedom(TM) by Suarez”

  1. Arherring Says:

    Thanks for the link!
    Both books have lots of food for thought for those who lurk about in this corner of the blogosphere, but also and probably more importanly, they are just fun reads.

  2. Ralph Hitchens Says:

    Suarez’s first novel was over-the-top future sci-fi, as totally paranoid as anyone might wish.  Gives the impression that computer security is forever & always a losing proposition.  I enjoyed reading it but have the feeling that it was too much of a stretch — that such capabilities are beyond the realm of the near-future possible.  Just my opinion.

  3. zen Says:

    You are welcome Arherring!
    Hi Ralph,
    I think when you graft a sci-fi scenario close to present events, you do stretch the plausible suspension of disbelief a little. Gibson set his Neuromancer far enough ahead that he ran with cyberpunk concepts without feeling a need to provide much explanation. Suarez hews closer to now time and that carries costs as well as benefits.

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