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A New Bloghome


Steven Pressfield, author, historian and this year, blogger has made a major revision of his blog, originally an Afghan War-centric site known as “It’s the Tribes, Stupid!”. Pressfield has relaunched the blog today with a sharp new site redesign, a broader focus and a new expert co-blogger, as:

Steven Pressfield Online    

Steve has enlisted scholar-soldier William S. “Mac” McCallister to apply his experience in military affairs and irregular warfare at Agora, a page which will cover the subjects and news formerly housed at “Tribes, where Mac has already put up his first post:

The Reality

Often, ideas are discounted because they don’t mesh with someone else’s concept of reality. I was on the receiving end myself recently, related to my latest recommendations for prosecuting the war in Afghanistan. And, well, I’ve shot down the ideas of others in the past, too.

End of day, we have to consider the different realities-because the one thing I think we can all agree on is that, in Afghanistan in particular, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, because the realities on the ground vary so greatly.

“Agora” is a place to consider all of the realities.

Steven will be blogging on “Writing Wednesdays” creativity and other themes on his page, The Creative Process and, I expect, popping in from time to time on Agora as well when the mood strikes.

2 Responses to “A New Bloghome”

  1. Steven Pressfield Says:

    Yo, Mark!  Many thanks for the shout-out.  Indeed "Mac" McCallister knows ten times what I do on the subject of tribes, AFG and more.  He will be tremendous.  Hope we can do something with you when the time and subject is right.  Thanks again and all me best, mate …Steve

  2. zen Says:

    Hey Steve!

    Anytime – just drop me a note or have Callie contact me when you are ready.

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