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Fallen Walls and Fallen Towers by Adrienne Redd


Fallen Walls and Fallen Towers: The Fate of the Nation in a Global World by Adrienne Redd

I “met” Dr. Adrienne Redd some years ago through the kind offices of Critt Jarvis, which resulted in a wide-ranging and intermittent email discussion, sometimes joined by John Robb and others, of “virtual states”, “virtual nations”, “micropowers” and evolving concepts of sovereignty and statehood in international relations. It was an intellectually stimulating conversation.

Today, Dr. Redd is Nimble Books’ newest author, and she has just sent me a review copy of Fallen Walls and Fallen Towers, the culmination of approximately seven years of research and writing.  Redd investigates nothing less than the “fate of the state” and I am looking forward to reading her argument in detail.

To be reviewed here soon….

One Response to “Fallen Walls and Fallen Towers by Adrienne Redd”

  1. onparkstreet Says:

    That’s a sharp cover,  Nimble books. I like that artwork.
    It reminds me of St. Etienne album covers or the graphics to the film <em>Stranger Than Fiction.</em>
    Topic sounds interesting, too.
    – Madhu

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