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Two more for the pile….


Another Bloody Century by Colin Gray

Iraq & the Evolution of American Strategy by Steven Metz

Comments or opinions?

3 Responses to “Booksbooksbooksbooks….”

  1. A.E. Says:

    Metz book is best Iraq book I’ve read ,hands down.

  2. joey Says:

    "Another Bloody Century"
    I read it, when I was finished I realized that I couldn’t remember what it was about.Reminded me of a policy brief, said very little, and nothing that could be construed as controversial. 

  3. onparkstreet Says:

    I’ll have to pick up Dr. Metz’s book one of these days.
    I picked up a bunch of stuff at a Borders closing recently:

    1. Step Across This Line: Collected NonFiction 1992-2002, Rushdie.

    2. The Stories of John Cheever.

    3. The Portable Dorothy Parker.
    I tried reading a Milan Kundera novel – which I liberally quoted at SWJ – and Gates’ memoirs, but didn’t finish either book. Not in the mood.
    Er, I made a silly off-the-top of my head comment at SWJ by poking fun at people who spend their time discussing "how many heads of Clausewitz can fit on the head of a pin," only to come here and see a post about, er, Clausewitz.
    Put my foot in it (typical!) and didn’t mean to refer to you, your blog, or anyone in particular. I could just as easily have written that I was irritated by a tone of scholasticism or that I was just plain irritated and in a bad mood.
    Hope nobody around here saw that comment and thought I was referring to this blog. Or anyone in particular. Because I wasn’t.
    – Madhu

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